Information About Design  

What is Design?
Design is the art of communication through shape and form. The project at hand is what determines the type of communication; for example: when Cadillac builds a luxury car they want to communicate style and sophistication along with elegance. When Chevrolet builds an off road vehicle they want to show power, strength and stability. This is where Design defines the entity of a product.

What does a Designer do?
A Designers job is to clarify help communicate the products idea. Weather it is a wine label or a car, all products need to communicate what they are about without the consumer having to do anything. A Designer will create the types of ideas that need to be put across, for example: simplicity, style, power, stability, elegance, fear, humor, celebration, and many more.

When should I hire a Designer?
As soon as possible. The sooner a Designer is hired to work on particular products the better he or she will understand the values and ideas behind the products.

What makes a Designer valuable?
A good Designer will be able to understand anything you would like to communicate. Good Designers have the ability to create the feel you would like to have with you product. It should not matter if it is a company entity or a bottle opener, they all have a need for good design.

What if I am not sure about what I want?
There are all kinds of Designers to help you with your products. Even if you only know what you want to do but have no idea what it takes. A good designer will be able to understand any manufacturing process that is involved in the project, along with cost estimations and many other variables that will need to be taken into account for your products. Also, I believe that the most successful products have one person that works on the project from start to finish. If you have one team doing the shape and form, and another team working on the graphics and typography, they do not always work out to have a consistent feeling. Have you ever purchased something but when you get it home it is not what you thought it was?


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